• 2022 Phoenix Writer Annual Conference

    Chinese publishing giant Phoenix Publishing and Media Group holds conference for its authors each year. The 2022 Phoenix Writer Annual Conference was held in Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu province, on March 17, during which PPMG honored its outstanding writers.

  • Hong Yinxing

    Hong Yinxing

    Economist Hong Yinxing studies the Chinese path to modernization from the perspective of economics.

  • Lu Zhiping

    Lu Zhiping

    Lu Zhiping, an educational expert, has made remarkable contributions to curriculum reforms in elementary education in China.

  • Shen Yubing

    Shen Yubing

    Professor Shen Yubing worked as editor-in-chief of nearly 40 art theory research monographs of the Phoenix Library.

  • Liu Yuejin

    Liu Yuejin

    In cooperation with PPMG, Scholar Liu Yuejin has published numerous academic works on ancient Chinese literature.

  • Ye Zhaoyan

    Ye Zhaoyan

    Ye Zhaoyan, a renowned Chinese writer and former editor of PPMG, has completed eight works over the past five years.